Focus On What Matters

Remain focused on what is important.
It is always unsettling when another story pops up in the news about law suites and program delays. Sometimes, we must step back and understand it will take vigilance and good conscience to live up to Maryland’s potential as an outstanding example of a solid medical cannabis program. Thanks to some wonderful participants and license awardees, the patients and medical professionals of our state have a powerful medicine to treat a range of conditions.

One shining example keeping focused on the vision is ForwardGro. They are the first licensed cultivator in Maryland to have “plants in the dirt”, and are expecting to have cannabis ready for patients by the Fall of 2017. That could be earlier or later, depending on a variety of factors.

  • Inspection Schedules
  • Processor and Dispensary readiness
    • Final License
    • Local Ordinances
  • Lawsuits and other legal issues

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Stay Tuned!