The end of the beginning

I’ve heard a certain phase of growth described as “the end of the beginning” and it seems to apply nicely to where The Medical Cannabis Report sits at this phase of development.  Some things have happened, some growth has occurred, and certain awkward phases of development have an end on the horizon.

Cannabis Plants Flowering
Cannabis Plants Flowering

The same thing could also be said about Maryland’s medical cannabis program.  After years (yes, years) of being state law, Maryland patients finally have the real possibility of obtaining legal medical cannabis from licensed growers, processors, and dispensaries as recommended by a medical professional.  The original law calling for legal medical cannabis for Maryland patients passed in 2013.  The first dispensaries are expected to open “by the end of the summer”, according to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s website.

There have been many delays over the years, and the most recent lawsuit temporarily shut down the whole medical cannabis program in Maryland.  However, it appears the begging of the end of waiting is upon the patients, caregivers, medical professionals and industry participants.  A whole new economy is literally growing at this moment.   It invites us, as a community in Maryland, to welcome growth and a forward way of thinking.  There will most certainly be challenges in the coming months and years, and also tremendous opportunity to take part in one of the fastest growing industries in North America.

Well, hopefully this beginning of the end allows The Medical Cannabis Report to provide real service and important resources for our community.  Our video programs are working their way through the production pipeline, and we are helping our industry participants open their doors to a willing and informed public.  Please continue to watch us here and on our other channels, as we keep you informed about Maryland’s progress, and follow the culture of cannabis as is grows and develops.

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